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On our first meeting Ellen walked through the house and noted down detailed instructions for what changes were needed. For most part she was able to use our own furniture and accent pieces, but whenever necessary she would supplement the staging with pieces from her inventory. Ellen was also a great resource for us; on one occasion she managed to bring in a painting crew during the weekend with just a day's notice and they did a fabulous job.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Tichomir Tenev, Winchester, MA

Great design should be beautiful, long lasting and affordable. For those who want to improve the quality of their living space in an affordable way, Spectacular-Spaces Design Service is a great solution. We are skilled in developing creative solutions and innovative ideas; no project is too large or too small.

We incorporate the clients' individuality and personal style into every project, whether it is a single room project or an entire home renovation. Regardless of the size of the project, we offer a wide range of services and styles to accommodate the desires of our clients. Every project is a reflection of our clients' ideas and requirements.

There is a misconception about Interior Design and Decorating; that it is costly and that a project has to be large and extensive in order to hire a designer. We would like to dispel that myth; Interior Design and Decorating is affordable, and Design and Decorating projects do not have to be whole house make overs or huge projects. Our philosophy is that no project is ever too small. There are times when we need help with small projects such as selecting a paint color for a room, selecting tile for a kitchen backsplash, selecting fabrics for upholstery or window treatments, we may simply need suggestions for furniture arrangement and purchases or other similar small projects - but we think that the project is either too small or will be too costly to hire a designer. All of these situations meet the criteria to hire a designer. Hiring a designer, even for small projects, will save you time and help you avoid making costly decorating mistakes.

With the belief that every client's home is a reflection of their individuality and a medium for self-expression, we develop a partnership with our clients that begins at our initial meeting and continues for the duration of their project. Our service can cover a single room, several rooms, or the entire home. The partnership enables us to offer our clients creative solutions to their particular design needs. This partnership approach is evident as we work with our clients formulating and implementing their Design Plan; as we manage and oversee the work of the various contractors and crafts people involved; and as we guide and assist the client in the selection of paint colors, wall coverings, furniture, fabrics, window treatments, lighting, flooring, accessories, kitchens, baths and more. We are attentive to every aspect of planning and implementing our clients' Design Plans from formulation to conclusion.

Much like our other, personalized services, our design and decorating consultations focus on the client and their specific goals. We begin every project by meeting with the client in their home. We take the time to get to know our clients and listen carefully to them as we discuss how they live, how they entertain, and their thoughts and goals for their project. We make note of their personal style, their vision for each room included in the project and their objectives for each space. Combining our knowledge of space planning and furniture selection with our expertise in the use of color, texture and pattern we develop a Design Plan that meets the requirements of the project, helps the client avoid costly mistakes and keeps the project on time and on budget.

Whether you want a project to be completed immediately or want a project that can be completed gradually over a period of time, we work with our clients to develop an approach that takes into consideration their time frame and budgetary requirements.

We pride ourselves on outstanding client service. Our clients are our top priority. Our goal for all of our design and decorating projects is to reflect our clients' individuality and goals in our designs while giving them the highest level of professional and reliable design service and quality products.

Decorating and Design Services

At Spectacular-Spaces, we realize that home owners have a range of design needs. They may simply need a different set of eyes, or a designer’s touch to add some flair. Or they may be busy professionals who want to outsource design tasks to a service provider they can trust to do the job to their specifications. To meet these varied client needs, Spectacular-Spaces offers these affordable decorating and design services for a wide range of projects: