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I can't say enough about Ellen Fador and Spectacular-Spaces. She was so nice to deal with and had very realistic suggestions right from the start. We had always been hesitant to have an Interior Designer come to our home, but Ellen's rates are extremely reasonable and she completely understands how busy family life can be juggling both children and work.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coakley, Winchester, MA

At Spectacular-Spaces, we realize that home owners have a range of design needs. They may simply need a different set of eyes, or a designer’s touch to add some flair.

Or they may be busy professionals who want to outsource design tasks to a service provider they can trust to do the job to their specifications. To meet these client needs, Spectacular-Spaces offers affordable decorating and design services for a wide range of projects.

Design and Decorating Consultation

For those who want to improve the quality of their living space in an affordable way, Spectacular-Spaces Design Service is a great solution. We are skilled in developing creative solutions and innovative ideas; no project is too large or too small. We incorporate the clients' individuality and personal style into every project, whether it is a single room project or an entire home renovation.

Much like our other, personalized services, our Design and Decorating Consultations focus on the client and their specific goals. We begin every project by meeting with the client in their home. We take the time to get to know our clients and listen carefully to them as we discuss how they live, how they entertain, and their thoughts and goals for their project. We make note of their personal style, their vision for each room included in the project and their objectives for each space. We develop a Design Plan that meets the requirements of the project, helps the client avoid costly mistakes and keeps the project on time and on budget.

With the belief that every client's home is a reflection of their individuality and a medium for self-expression, we develop a partnership with our clients that begins at our initial consultation meeting and continues for the duration of their project. Our service can cover a single room, several rooms, or the entire home. The partnership enables us to offer our clients creative solutions to their particular design needs. This partnership approach is evident as we work with our clients formulating and implementing their Design Plan; as we manage and oversee the work of the various contractors and crafts people involved; and as we guide and assist the client in the selection of paint colors, wall coverings, furniture, fabrics, window treatments, lighting, flooring, accessories, kitchens, baths and more. We are attentive to every aspect of planning and implementing our clients' Design Plans from formulation to conclusion.

Home Redesign

Our Home Redesign service is a fast and affordable way to update the look and feel of a home; making the rooms come alive with new energy.

For homeowners who are not selling, but simply want to improve their living space without a a big investment, Spectacular-Spaces offers Home Redesign services. While many might be familiar with the traditional concepts of Interior Design and Decorating, an increasingly popular concept - Home Redesign - has emerged where people try to breathe new life into their living spaces with a relatively small investment. Unlike Staging, Home Redesign focuses only on the interior and uses just the owner’s existing furniture, artwork and accessories. Employing the traditional design techniques of balance, scale and proportion, we creatively rearrange rooms so that their space is more visually appealing and functional. Rearranging existing furnishings from one room to another can completely change the look and feel of a room; creating an environment that reflects the homeowners taste, lifestyle and personality. Redesign is a fast and affordable way to update the look and feel of a home.

At Spectacular-Spaces, we take a two step approach to the redesign process: Redesign Consultation and The Redesign

Redesign Consultation

During the Redesign Consultation we meet with the client in their home. We walk through the room or rooms being considered for the Redesign and determine the client's personal style and decorating needs. We discuss what the client likes and dislikes about these rooms, and get an understanding of how they want the room to function. We’ll assess what works and what doesn’t, which of the furnishings will enhance the space and the necessary changes that will meet the clients' Redesign goals and objectives.

We next look at the size, shape and architecture of the space to be Redesigned, and plan an arrangement that will enhance the flow, function and feel of the room. We work together with the client to develop a plan that incorporates their specific decorating needs and transforms their room or rooms into a place that is reflective of them. We’ll discuss all possible options for the Redesign project to see if the client would like any painting, repairs or shopping to be completed before the Redesign begins. At the end of the Consultation phase, clients will have a solid plan that will give their room or rooms a fresh new look that is reflective of them – all well within their budget.

The Redesign

The next step is the implementation of the Redesign plan. In this phase, we skillfully rearrange and use the clients' existing furniture, artwork, accessories, and “forgotten pieces,” to give the room a complete new look. In just a matter of hours, we will change the entire look and feel of the room. We’ll go “shopping" in the clients home and find treasures that have been hidden, overlooked and many times put away in the closets, attic or basement. We will make changes that will have a dramatic impact and enhance the style and arrangement of the living areas – all for a fresh and beautiful, new look and feel.

If the client would like, after the Redesign is complete, we will provide them with a Design Plan they can refer to in the future. The plan will point out additional enhancements and changes that can be made in the future when the time comes to do a more extensive room makeover. This overall master plan will include recommendations for color, lighting, window treatments, fabrics, flooring and any new furniture and accessories that may be needed. It will also include a resource list of preferred local contractors and vendors; enabling the client to implement the plan and manage the project within their budget and at their own pace.

Our objective is to leave the client with a plan that will avoid costly and time consuming decorating mistakes in the future.

Color Consultation

Paint, Wall covering, Fabric, Furniture, Accessories, Flooring, Area Rugs and Carpet - What do they all have in common? COLOR

Our Color Consultation begins with a visit to your home. We will bring color samples, color fan decks, fabric swatches and any other samples that you request. We'll ask you to show us your inspiration pieces and guide you through the color selection process. We will help you identify your "comfort colors" – the colors that soothe and inspire you. Once we have determined your comfort colors, we will develop a color palette tailored to your specifications to transform your rooms. We'll help you select paint colors, wall coverings, fabrics, rugs and other accessories and decorative accents to coordinate with your existing furnishings and decor or we'll assist you in creating a brand new look for your room or rooms. In either case we will create a personal space that is a true reflection of you.

The use of color on the exterior of your home intensifies the curb appeal of a property and helps to create a positive first impression with prospective buyers. Our design professionals can assist you in choosing color for the exterior of your property as well as the interior. This includes the main color of the house, the trim color(s), and the color of the front door - which is an important accent color. Our Color Consultation also extends to your grounds and landscaping, covering the strong impact shrubs, trees and flowers can have when combined intelligently. Smart and distinctive color choices outside will entice prospective buyers to go inside.

At Spectacular-Spaces, we help you express yourself with color in your home, while avoiding color gaffes. As certified Interior Residential Designers, our designers have a deep and extensive knowledge of color theory and its impact on design. We have furthered our knowledge through training and certification in the the Dewey Color System, the world’s only scientific method for validating the effects that specific colors and color combinations have on people.

Space Planning

Have you ever purchased a sofa or an upholstered chair that you absolutely loved at the furniture store and then discovered when it was delivered to your home that it was too big or too small for your space? Do you want to buy new furniture for a room in your home or have you just built a new home and need some suggestions for furniture selection and placement?

We will meet with you in your home and discuss your furnishing requirements for your room or rooms. After our discussion we'll measure your room(s) and draft a floor plan of each space measured. Referring to the floor plan, and taking into consideration your requirements for the room we we will space plan your room, and create a furniture arrangement that will be best suited for the space. Keeping in the mind the architecture, the style, the flow and the function of the room, we will give you a plan that will include recommendations regarding the size and style of the furniture to be used, recommended accessories, and the placement of the furnishings - how closely certain pieces of furniture should placed to each other and conversely how far apart certain pieces should be placed from each other. If you have an existing floor plan of your room or rooms that you would like us to use, we will refer to it rather than drafting a new floor plan.

Move-In Service

Moving can be stressful, time consuming and exhausting. Spectacular-Spaces can save you time and energy and take the stress out of your move. After staging your old home to sell, we will visit your new home and evaluate your new space. We will discuss your personal style and your vision for the use and function for each new room. Then using your existing artwork, furniture and accessories, we will help you achieve your vision and create warm and inviting functional rooms. When the time comes for you to move in, your new home will already be a reflection of you; it will feel like your home. As part of this service, we also can provide a list of suggested items that will extend or complete your desired look. We can also find, select and purchase needed items for you as part of our home Décor Shopping Service.

Home Décor Shopping Service

For those who don’t have the time, the desire or the inclination to shop for furnishings and accessories, we offer a Home Décor Shopping Service. We can shop for just about anything you need for your home. Spectacular-Spaces offer two shopping service options. We can do all of the shopping for you, or we will accompany you when shopping, providing advice and assistance with your selections. If we do the shopping for you, you set a budget prior to shopping and we strictly adhere to it.

Special Event and Holiday Decorating

Do you have a special occasion or event coming up and want to create a sophisticated look for entertaining family and friends? Is the thought of planning and decorating for the event an overwhelming and daunting task, or are you pressed for time and just don't have the time to decorate the way that you would like for your special event?

Spectacular-Spaces Design Service will take care of the decorating for you. We will meet with you, discuss your event and your decorating needs and come up with a decorating plan that meets your time frame, your criteria and your budget. Then using your accessories, fresh greens and flowers, and bringing in additional accessories if necessary, we will create a look that will captivate your guests and reflect your personal style and the theme of the event.

The holiday season is an absolutely wonderful time to decorate - we will enhance your existing holiday decor or create a new holiday look for your home with all the trimmings that will make your house beautiful for the holiday season.