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In the end, the house not only looked great but also felt comfortable, so much that we wished we had hired Ellen at the time when we bought the house and not just when we were selling it.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Tichomir Tenev, Winchester, MA

We specialize in easing the transition of moving from one home to the next and take great pride in the expertise and sensitivity we provide our clients as they go through each phase of the moving process.

Downsizing can be stressful, time consuming and exhausting; there are many decisions that need to be made – which furnishings do you move with you, which furnishings do you pass on to family and friends, and what do you do with the rest? How will your furnishings fit in your new residence? These are just a few of the many questions and necessary decisions that need to be made when you downsize to a smaller home.

We will visit both your current home and your new home to look at your existing furnishings and evaluate your new space.  We’ll discuss your personal style, your vision and your requirements for the use and function for each room in your new home and then help you decide which of your existing furnishings are best suited for your new space. We’ll also provide assistance with the items that you will not be bringing to your new home. This includes providing you with resources for the sale, donation, recycling, or disposal of your no longer needed items. Then using the furnishings you have selected to move with you, we’ll customize your new home according to your specifications creating warm and inviting, functional rooms.  When the time comes for you to move in, your new home will already be a reflection of you; it will feel like your home, not just your new home. As part of this service, we also can provide a list of suggested items that will extend or complete your desired look.  We can also find, select and purchase needed items for you as part of our Home Décor Shopping Service.

Spectacular-Spaces will save you time and energy, remove the stress from your move and simplify the moving process.  Beginning with the preparation of your property for the real estate market and culminating with the move into your new residence we offer services to make downsizing and the moving process as positive and simplified as possible.

DownSizing- Moving Made Easy - Services

Spectacular-Spaces provides many services to assist our clients as they move from their larger home to a smaller home, retirement community or an assisted living residence. While many of our Staging, Design and Color services are appropriate for our clients who are downsizing we also offer additional services that are more specific to the needs of our downsizing clients. Each service is independent of the other, can be modified according to our clients’ needs and can be taken on at our client's schedule or preference.

  • Property Sale
  • Home Staging
  • Updates and Repairs
  • Furnishings Selection
  • Give Away Items
  • Design
  • Color Consultation
  • Moving
  • Arranging
  • Organizing
  • Shopping

Property Sale - We will help you find a knowledgeable, reputable local Real Estate Agent who will assist you with the sale of your home.

Home Staging - We will visit your property for a Staging Consultation to help you prepare your home for the real estate market. We’ll assess your property and suggest changes, updates and repairs to highlight its unique and positive selling features.  We will creatively "set the stage" for prospective home buyers to visualize themselves in your home. The goal is to achieve a faster sale at the highest possible price.

Updates and Repairs - If your property is in need of updates, repairs or cosmetic improvements to restore its condition prior to going on the market, we will provide you with a list of preferred vendors and contractors to address the necessary repairs to help maximize your property’s full financial potential. If you prefer we can manage the entire project and supervise any contractors, or manage any other aspect of the project.

Furnishings Selection - We will help you select the furnishings from your existing home that will be most appropriate for your new space.

Give Away Items - We will assist you with the items that you will not be bringing to your new home. This includes providing you with resources for the sale, donation, recycling, or disposal of your no longer needed items.

Design - We will visit your new home and develop a design plan based on your vision and requirements for the use and function for each new room.  Using your existing furniture and accessories, we will customize your new home according to your specifications creating warm and inviting, functional rooms.

Color Consultation - We will meet with you and help you select paint colors, wall coverings and fabrics for your new home.

Moving - We will organize and manage all aspects of your move. This includes the packing and unpacking of your furnishings and accessories.

Arranging – We will arrange your furnishings in your new home according to your requirements and specifications; this includes hanging artwork and mirrors.

Organization - We will provide organizing assistance to help you organize and store your furnishings and other items in your new home.

Shopping - If you don’t have the time, desire or inclination to shop for furnishings and accessories, we can shop for just about anything you need for your new home. We offer two shopping service options. We can do all of the shopping for you, or we will accompany you when shopping, providing advice and assistance with your selections.  If we do the shopping for you, you set a budget prior to shopping and we strictly adhere to it. 

Storage - If necessary, we can arrange for the storage of your furnishings at an off-site facility.