Spectacular-Spaces ... "Reinventing Homes for the Discerning Eye"
Each room had been arranged to highlight strong points, views and to feel more welcoming. Within the first month we had more showings than the previous firm had in six months.

~ Karen Paradies, Coldwell Banker, Lincoln, MA

Home Staging by Spectacular-Spaces

Your home is likely your largest financial asset. Deciding to sell it is an important life decision. Staging is the process of preparing your home for the real estate market so that it will appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. As Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP), Spectacular-Spaces brings to this process a combination of market savvy and design skill that will help your property sell quickly and at a good price.

A home that looks best sells best

Staging a property is more than having a pleasant scent in the air or playing soft music in the background. Staging is a mix of art and science that blends real estate industry knowledge and well-established design principles with certain facets of human psychology and visual physiology. Proper Home Staging highlights the positive selling features of a house, making it easy for prospective buyers to visualize living there. When your house has been properly staged, you will have complete confidence that it makes a positive and lasting impression on buyers.

Industry statistics confirm, a Staged home will:

  • Command a higher price
  • Sell about 50% faster
  • Generate excitement and increased buyer demand
  • Allow you to avoid price reductions
  • Make a great first impression on prospective home buyers
  • Stand out from other homes on the market with similar asking prices.
  • Be more photogenic for online listings and real estate ads
  • Convey a message to buyers that it has been well maintained
  • Eliminate stress throughout the sales process

Why Choose Spectacular Spaces as your Home Staging Partner?
The staff at Spectacular-Spaces are Accredited Staging Professionals; our team is trained and certified in multiple disciplines that are required to come together for effective Staging project management. As Accredited Staging Professionals, we bring not only talent but certified market knowledge and design skill to the process of selling your home.

  • Best Trained
    Our team is extensively trained and accredited by the originator of the Staged Homes concept, Barb Schwarz, www.stagedhomes.com. The ASP designation is the only nationally recognized designation in the industry of Home Staging.
  • Most Experienced
    Established in 2005, Spectacular-Spaces was one of the first design firms to adopt the Home Staging approach in the Boston area. Since its founding, Spectacular-Spaces has successfully Staged more than 800 properties for over 600 individuals and real estate agents. 95% of the homes we have staged have had offers within their first thirty days on the market.
  • Thorough Market Knowledge
    As lifelong residents of the communities we serve, the Spectacular-Spaces team has in-depth knowledge of the local real estate markets. We know the nature and fabric of the neighborhoods and towns we work in and have access to and personally know the best resources in our markets. These include real estate agencies and the Realtors that staff them, developers, builders and other crafts people, furniture and accessory showrooms, specialty shops, art galleries and more.
  • Innovative and Creative
    Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. While measuring artistic talent and stylistic capabilities can be subjective, there is little doubt that the staff at Spectacular-Spaces gets very high marks in these areas from its clients. View our portfolio of before-and-after photos for a sense of the innovative and creative approaches we take and the dramatic results we achieve in our staging projects.
  • Customer-Centric
    Every client and each property we work with is unique; they have their own distinctive personalities, challenges and opportunities. Our mission is to make the client the focal point of all our efforts, and to tailor our efforts to that client’s individual needs. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach.
  • Flexibility
    We realize that each of our clients have different financial goals, resources and constraints. That is why we offer a range of services, and have great flexibility in the scope of services we offer to clients.

Prospective home buyers begin making a decision about a house just seconds after stepping onto the property. They typically have pre-screened properties online and have selected several to visit on their viewing days – so they likely will spend only
10-15 minutes viewing any one property. With the prospecctive buyers of your home, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression.

Sell Faster and Command a Higher Price

Real Estate industry statistics clearly show that professionally Staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes that have not been professionally staged. For example, according to the National Board of Realtors, staged homes sell 50% faster than homes that have not been staged. The same study showed that every dollar spent on staging generated up to a $4 return on that investment. In a similar study, a Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey showed that staged homes spent half the time on the market compared to non-staged homes, and sold for more than 6% above the asking price. A Wall Street Journal study states "....staging speeds up sales in a sluggish market and can bump up prices from 2% - 10% in a moderate market...."

Home Staging generates these results by setting the scene throughout a house to create immediate buyer interest. Staging a property to sell is the proven way to get a quick sale at the highest price in today's market. For more statistics about the value of staging, read these statistics.

Make Staging Your First Move

After deciding to sell, staging your property should be the next step in the selling process. Since buyers will evaluate your property as a whole, it is important to stage both its interior and exterior. To get the best listing price, your property should be staged before you and your real estate agent finalize the listing price. One of the criteria in determining your selling price is the condition and appearance of your property; staging will enhance and improve the overall appearance and condition of your property thereby increasing its selling price.

Today’s home buyer uses real estate websites to screen houses; the appearance of your property online is crucial to its sale. The best approach is for the staging to be complete before the photos are taken for online listings, newspaper ads and displays. The goal is for the property to stand out in the photos viewed by potential buyers. If the house presents well in these online resources, prospective home buyers will make appointments to view it – and getting them there is half the battle.

The staging process should be complete before the “For Sale” sign is placed on the front lawn. By doing so, this creates an excitement about the property and “wows” Realtors and prospective buyers. Realtors naturally like to show properties that present well and grab buyers as soon as they walk through the door. When they see a house with such distinctive characteristics, they will call their clients and drive many requests for viewing appointments. The goal is for everyone who sees the home to come away with a great impression of it, so that powerful word-of-mouth marketing kicks in. Home staging helps you start that chain reaction.
Staging Services for Clients Selling Poperties

At Spectacular-Spaces, one of our primary objectives is to be highly flexible in meeting our clients' needs. We realize that homeowners have a range of staging needs, different budgets, and varied skills of their own that they can apply in home staging efforts. For these reasons, we offer a wide range of varied staging services that homeowners can take advantage of on an as-needed or a la carte basis.