Color Consultation - paint and other finish options for interior and exterior surfaces

One of most effective and quickest ways to change the look and feel of a space is to change the color. Color is the single most important thing you can do to change your environment and choosing the right color can be daunting…


Paint, wall coverings, Fabric, Furniture, Accessories, Flooring, Area Rugs and Carpet - What do they all have in common? COLOR------- one of most effective and quickest ways to change the look and feel of a space is to change the color. We will help you create a color palette that captures the look and feel you envision for your space.

Our Color Consultation begins with a visit to your home. We will bring color samples, color fan decks, fabric swatches and any other samples that you request. We'll ask you to show us your inspiration pieces and guide you through the color selection process. We will help you identify your "comfort colors" and the colors that soothe and inspire you. Once we have determined your choices, we will develop a color palette tailored to your specifications to transform your rooms. We'll help you select paint colors for your wall coverings, fabrics, rugs and other accessories and decorative accents to coordinate with your home’s architectural style, and existing furnishings and décor, or we'll help you in creating a brand-new look for your room or rooms. In either case we will create a personal space that is a true reflection of you. Regardless of the design, look and feel you envision for your space, we will help you choose a color palette to bring your vision to life.  


Our design professionals can assist you in choosing color for the exterior of your property as well as the interior. This includes the main color of the house, the trim color(s), and the color of the front door - which is an important accent color. Our Color Consultation also extends to your grounds and landscaping, covering the strong impact the colors of shrubs, trees and flowers can have when combined intelligently.

To view a sampling of our work visit our Gallery pages.  

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