“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellen on many projects. One of Ellen’s strongest traits is her attention to detail. All the components of her projects, the color of the tiles or the projection of the crown molding above the cabinetry for example, are considered and discussed to ensure a beautiful end result! Ellen’s projects have a feel of timelessness and elegance to them. She can certainly think outside of the box if something out of the ordinary is what her client is looking for. Beyond her many talents as an interior designer, Ellen is a wonderful and patient person....a great resource to add to your team of experts.”
— Debbie Toland, Certified Kitchen Designer, Carole Kitchen and Bath Designn

Our clients have a range of design needs.

You may simply need a different set of eyes, our opinion on a purchase or paint color, or just need a designer’s touch to add some flair. Or you might be a busy professional who wants to outsource design tasks to a service provider you can trust to do the job to your specifications and handle ALL of the details. Our expertise is tailored to meet the varied and unique needs of our clients. To meet these varied client needs, Spectacular-Spaces Designs offers affordable design services for a wide range of projects:


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