”I have loved working with Ellen on the many decorating and design projects that I have had as I downsized from a large house to a condo that she helped me renovate to suit my family’s needs. We redesigned the kitchen and master bathroom, picking out cabinets and fixtures, as well as decorating the main areas, and the results have been fantastic. I just love walking around my home and seeing beauty everywhere! Her style is very responsive and flexible, listening to what my tastes were and offering a variety of suggestions, but not imposing a set view upon us. She also was very open to my doing whatever amount of my own research work that I cared to do, but available to do the aspects of the redesign that needed her expert abilities. She coordinated well with my contractor and was very organized and reliable. She also has reliable professional contacts in all areas of home renovation with whom she has worked in previous projects. In addition, she has been (and continues to be) a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend her as a delight and an outstanding interior designer.”
— Laurie DiLorenzo
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellen on many projects. One of Ellen’s strongest traits is her attention to detail. All the components of her projects, the color of the tiles or the projection of the crown molding above the cabinetry for example, are considered and discussed to ensure a beautiful end result! Ellen’s projects have a feel of timelessness and elegance to them. She can certainly think outside of the box if something out of the ordinary is what her client is looking for. Beyond her many talents as an interior designer, Ellen is a wonderful and patient person....a great resource to add to your team of experts.”
— Debbie Toland, Certified Kitchen Designer, Carole Kitchen and Bath Design
Spectacular Spaces—Ellen Kermond Fador—-designed our space perfectly; We knew the look we wanted to achieve and Ellen delivered-SPOT ON! Ellen is very conscientious of budget and design and I will hire her again and again for every project or consultation we need!!
— Anna Mulkerin Baxter, Boston

Spectacular Spaces--Ellen Kermond Fador---designed our space perfectly; We knew the look we wanted to achieve and Ellen delivered-SPOT ON!   Ellen is very conscientious of budget and design and I will hire her again and agin for every project or consultation we need!!

“Ellen is a delight to work with. We had a small, but somewhat complicated, project, but Ellen made it easy for us to achieve our original ideas. She has a wonderful sense of design, a wealth of knowledge and provided many suggestions and tasteful refinements. Her sources seem limitless and are all 1st rate. We would highly recommend Ellen and her services to anyone considering any size or type of project.”
— Courtenay and Bob Williams
“For the past several years we have been referring Ellen Fador to our clients. She is a team player and has been an invaluable resource. Her keen eye and knowledge, has created some “Spectacular Spaces”
We will continue to recommend her to our clients.”
— Gerry Dunleavy, Gerry Dunleavy Design Build, Winchester, MA
“What an incredible experience I had working with Ellen at Spectacular-Spaces! I own a small spa and wanted to do a demo and revamp within a very short time frame. I hired Ellen to help ease my stress with design decisions. She was so attentive when it came to listening to my ideas and requirements, and understanding the overall feel of the spa I was looking to achieve. With Ellen’s years of experience and fantastic sense of design, I was able to make the right decisions based on her knowledge and expertise. I valued her opinions and I am so pleased with how everything came out! With a 3 week turn-around and her supervision, she made it happen! Ellen, thank you SO much!!”
— Maria Pintone, Salone Estetica, Winchester, MA
“Ellen Fador is thoroughly professional, very imaginative, and extremely helpful for any design project.
…….For my own small project (a bedroom and bathroom), she helped produce a stunning result.
……Ellen helped in every way, depending on what was necessary - sketching plans for the tile work in the bathroom, helping me find the right fabric for the bedroom (one entire wall of drapery and a bedcover to match), choosing paint colors (Ellen is a superior aide for this), and even finding the perfect rug.
……Throughout the entire process, Ellen kept my spirits up, and always produced the perfect answer to a problem.

I highly recommend Ellen Fador and her Spectacular-Spaces Designs!”

— Priscilla Baumann
”Working with Ellen at Spectacular Spaces was a wonderful experience. She listened to our ideas and encouraged our personal style while guiding us along the process. Ellen was able to open up vendors and services that we would never have found on our own. Her design expertise brought us to a final project that we are very proud to call our home.”
— Charlie and Eleanor O'Reilly
“Ellen was recommended to us to work on a project to upgrade a suite of offices for a VP and her staff. She was very helpful in assisting us with choices of colors, fabrics, window treatments and ideas for furniture that would work best in the spaces. Initially, she did not have the expertise in office furniture, but she made it a point to meet and consult with suppliers to learn what was available and what would work best for us. The final result is three beautiful office spaces.”
— Joan Anderson, College of the Holy Cross

“I have worked with Ellen on three very nice home renovations. The projects were a shining success resulting in very happy clients. She is not only a delight to work with but is also professional and has excellent taste. She deftly utilizes her creativity and resources to fulfill her client’s needs and desires. I feel confident to recommend her on a project.”
— Lisa Gilberto-Cunningham, Owner Patti Bros. Lighting
“Ellen/Spectacular-Spaces was very helpful to me throughout the design, construction and finish of a new master bath addition. She helped with the selection of the architect and construction company and worked with them throughout the project. I have been very happy with the finished product.”
— Chris Creelman, Winchester
“Ellen has been an industry partner of ProSource Wholesale since 2011. We have partnered with Spectacular-Spaces on many projects, both large and small over the years. Ellen is professional, attentive to detail and always has her client’s needs at the forefront of every design decision.”
— Stephen Rivais V.P. / Regional Manager ProSource of New England
“We have worked with Ellen on a number of projects. She is very experienced with excellent ideas and is always a pleasure to deal with. She is extremely helpful and answers questions in a very timely manner. Our clients have been extremely happy with her and we look forward to working with her on many more projects.”
— Marian Cullen, Dunleavy Design Build, Winchester
“In the decorating industry trends and budgets are always shifting. Ellen Fador and Spectacular-Spaces, have found a niche in accommodating these needs. Having worked with Ellen on several projects, I have seen firsthand how she blends style, budget and consistency. My impression on all our projects is how her ideas are seamless from room to room and her clients’ requirements are her top priority. I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!”
— Dan Gibbons, owner Fresh Paint and Decorating Center, Winchester, MA
“When we were getting ready to sell our home, our realtor introduced us to a great staging consultant - Ellen Fador. Ellen and the realtor were a great team. They walked through our house and discussed what we needed to do the make it sell. Ellen wrote detailed, clear notes that became our to-do list for de-cluttering, re-arranging, and freshening the home for the open house. We keep a tidy house, and all of our friends had said ‘I can’t imagine that you would have to do anything to get ready to sell.’ But we followed Ellen’s advice and loved the result - five offers within 24 hours of the open house!

.........We enjoyed working with Ellen so much that we hired her to help us design the interior of our new home. Picking finishes can be fun, but it can be stressful too - but working with Ellen made all the difference. She got to know us and our taste, and then gave us great design advice while keeping everything organized and on track. She is an excellent staging consultant and a talented designer - and a pleasure to work with!
— Sara Oseasohn and Geoff Muller, Winchester
“Our real estate agent, Bill Kuhlman, suggested that we use Ellen Fador as a home staging consultant when we decided to sell our home in Waltham. Frankly, we were skeptical about our chances of selling our house — the market was poor at the time, and the time of year was not ideal. But what Ellen did with our place was fantastic, and extremely effective. From the first showing we received consistent compliments on how our house looked, and within weeks we had a good offer which we accepted.
Ellen was friendly, and professional, and was a big part of our success. I highly recommend her.”
— Ed Gaffney and Sue Brockman, Waltham, MA
“After Spectacular-Spaces staged our home, our Realtor suggested increasing our asking price by $10,000. Best of all, not only did we get a full offer, but we got it within days of going on the market.”
— Joe and Courtney Peters, Winchester
“Ellen’s expertise was demonstrated in a variety of ways as we moved from one home to another. What impressed me about Ellen’s work is that she could take your existing setting and accentuate its strengths. This was evident during the selling process of our move in which Ellen’s suggestions to stage our furnishings and eliminate clutter emphasized the beauty and uniqueness of the house. It seemed to expedite the selling of the property as it increased its appeal. In our new home, Ellen’s knowledge of color palettes produced rooms that were beautifully painted and well coordinated. Her design skills resulted in updated window treatments, which enhanced the furniture and the wall colors. The results created the feeling and comfort we had hoped for. We would recommend Ellen based on these attributes and her patient client-centered approach.”
— Claudia and Tom Wade, Winchester
“We had over 70 groups of potential buyers come through our house and not an offer was written. Then we hired Spectacular-Spaces and with their knowledge and creativity, we came back on the market and offers that exceeded our expectations came rolling in.”
— Chris Barnard, Boston Local Properties, LLC
“There is no question in my mind that Ellen Fador is one of the most talented, creative, and organized designers and home staging consultants that I have ever worked with. I have done many, many real estate projects with Ellen and her company Spectacular- Spaces and worked with her for many years. Working on properties ranging from my high priced properties to town house units, she has just the right touch. She has a keen eye that enables her to appropriately furnish a property, with just the right style, scale and most importantly her sense of blending colors together. She gives the property that ‘move-in and sit-down’ feel. She has always been very prompt and on schedule never being a minute late. I would not hesitate for a minute about having her on your side; she will be the selling factor that will close the deal.”
— Ron Nevola, Winchester
“A few years ago, I tried to sell a house that had no furniture in it - it took close to a year to sell. When I had to sell another house a few years later, my realtor referred me to Ellen to stage my house. The results were night and day - I immediately received multiple offers to purchase my house and had a Purchase and Sale agreement signed in less than a month. I purchased a new house that required a complete renovation to the kitchen, and Ellen worked with me and contractors to design a kitchen that met my needs (which was challenging, because the kitchen was very small). She also helped me coordinate colors for multiple rooms in the house as well as how to arrange my furniture in my new home. Her attention to layout and colors really made all the difference. Without Ellen, my house would not have been a functional living space - with her help, it became a spectacular space.”
— John Swartz, Winchester
“Ellen was a huge help in the design and decorating phase of opening our new office! She was able to provide valuable insight in choosing colors, furniture, artwork and creating a space that is comfortable and welcoming. Our clients are very impressed! We are happy to recommend Ellen and Spectacular Spaces to anyone with design or decorating needs.”
— James Forcier, CFP, Tony Marken, CFP, Ameriprise Financial Inc.
“In a matter of less than a day Ellen helped us to transition our house from ‘our house’ into a house WE wanted to buy. She had the amazing ability to stage the rooms with minimal movement of furniture and with props we already owned and/or with cheap additions. We firmly believe that it was Ellen’s help and recommendations that sold our house in FIVE days! Thanks, Ellen!”
— Nicole Brown, Ipswich, MA
“I recommend to my clients that they make the investment in staging their property when it is time to sell, rather than the cost of renovating, for example, their kitchen or bathrooms. The investment in staging is less expensive than the renovation and a much more effective marketing too. “The design professionals from Spectacular-Spaces arrange properties - inside and out - in unique ways so that their strongest selling points are brought forward. Their process highlights a property’s best features, essentially unmasking the quality and value that can often times be obscured by the present owners’ design choices. We have more showings for our listed properties that have been staged than for those that have not been staged. I have worked with Spectacular-Spaces and am a firm believer in staging. People can often time have difficulty visualizing. Staging a property helps potential buyers visualize themselves living in the space.”
— Helen Babcock
.....”On our first meeting Ellen walked through the house and noted down detailed instructions for what changes were needed. For the most part she was able to use our own furniture and accent pieces, but whenever necessary she would supplement the staging with pieces from her inventory. Ellen was also a great resource for us; on one occasion she managed to bring in a painting crew during the weekend with just a day’s notice and they did a fabulous job.
Ellen Fador helped transform our house into a spectacular place. We got an offer within just two weeks on the market! Ellen was very professional while at the same time easy to work with.
After the staging was complete, the house not only looked great but also felt comfortable, so much that we wished we had hired Ellen at the time when we bought the house and not just when we were selling it.”
— Tichomir Tenev, Winchester
“Ellen Fador of Spectacular-Spaces was a huge resource to me when my family moved. We had to organize quickly to put our home on the market, move, AND we were renovating a farmhouse. Ellen helped to prepare our home for sale by organizing the interior spaces and contacting people to help us when we could not do the work ourselves. Our house sold immediately.
After we sold our house, I continued to work with Ellen on the many decisions involved in renovating our farmhouse. This included: determining what furniture would work in the new spaces; adjusting the renovation to ensure that the spaces accommodated our needs; designing certain focal points (e.g., the fireplace and lighting); identifying places to look for certain products; and determining interior and exterior paint colors. Ellen was aware of our taste, furniture colors and artwork. The flow of the colors she helped me chose inside and out is beautiful. Although some of these things may seem obvious, the fact is that our move was very complicated and the renovation involved our entire home. There were constant decisions to be made and it was useful to have someone of Ellen’s skill to talk through these decisions with. I know that I avoided costly mistakes by having her expertise and I am very happy with the outcome of the project due to her input. For example, when choosing the color of our farmhouse, which is yellow, Ellen drove around with me while we identified different yellows that I liked and suggested others to consider. She talked through which would look good in our setting. She then tracked down the exact color name and brand. Yellows are tricky and painting the house the wrong yellow would be, well, glaring and costly! I chose a yellow I initially never would have imagined I would choose, and the color is bold and beautiful. And she did all of this without ever setting foot in my farmhouse!
Ellen has a collaborative, efficient, and insightful approach. She is sensitive to the tastes of her client and has great space and design instincts. I am so grateful that I had her expertise while we were moving and renovating. If an occasion ever arises in which I need this sort of advice again, I would continue to seek her expert advice from afar.”
— Beth Butcher Emerson, Colton, VT
“We lived in our home for ten lovely years and always found it to be a beautiful place. When we needed to sell, we had already moved out and the house was vacant. As our house sat on the market without any offers we realized that this was a much bigger issue than we anticipated, as people couldn’t imagine how beautiful our house would look once furnished. Being vacant also made the house look much smaller than it really is. We found Ellen Fador and Spectacular-Spaces; the name does Ellen justice as she does indeed do a spectacular job! Ellen is very easy to work with, pleasant, independent, efficient and quick! Ellen has a great sense of style and the knowledge of what buyers are looking for. Spectacular-Spaces does everything from “soup to nuts”. We immediately knew that they were the right people for the job. Before we put our house back on the market for the second times we gave it to Ellen to furnish and decorate; we sat back and relaxed. We received a full price offer in 5 days. Can’t beat that.”
— Emerald Jalinous, Winchester
“ I have worked with Ellen on several projects both business and personal. Ellen’s ideas, willingness to listen and over all efforts brought the projects to a successful completion. The vendors she recommended also did a great job. I am looking forward to working on a future project with her.”
— John Guarente, Winchester

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