Project Management

Design projects are very detailed, time consuming, filled with decisions, and involve multiple contractors and tradesman.


We collaborate with our clients, the architect, builder and the other vendors and tradesmen involved in the project to manage and oversee every stage and detail of the design from formulation to completion whether it is a single room project, several rooms a home renovation, new construction, or a home staging project.

We provide you with options for all the materials needed to complete your project. We keep track of all materials specified to ensure all materials ordered are delivered on time and orders are correct. We manage the design aspects of the project, resolve any design problems should they present, and make any changes and adaptations to the design aspects of your project if the need presents.

One of our key roles as the designer on your project is to work as the liaison between you, the general contractor, the vendors and the tradesmen involved in your project. This ensures good communication and coordination of work; making for a seamless, streamlined design and construction process, and the result you envisioned.  

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