Great design should be beautiful, elegant and affordable; of equal importance, it should be functional and long lasting.

For those who want to improve the quality of their existing living space or create and design a new space, Spectacular-Spaces Design Service is your partner in achieving your design goals, delivering beauty and elegance affordably. One of our greatest strengths is developing and implementing creative solutions and providing innovative ideas for you, our client.  


From the conceptualization of the design to its completion, we incorporate our clients' individuality, ideas, requirements and personal style into their projects. The scale of the projects varying from a single room, several rooms, entire home renovations or brand new construction. Regardless of the size or scale of the project, we have experience with projects of all sizes and offer a wide range of services and styles to accommodate the desires of our clients.  Whether a project is commercial or residential, traditional or contemporary, our goal is to create a design that brings our client’s vision to life.

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A collaborative design process and the relationship with our clients is our highest priority. Our mission is to make our clients the focal point of all our work, and to tailor our efforts to our clients’ individual needs. As a result, every project we complete is a true reflection of our clients' requirements, ideas and vision.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding client service. As my client, you are my top priority. Our goal for our design projects is to reflect our clients' individuality and requirements in our designs while giving them the highest level of professional and reliable design service and quality products. It’s not just about the result, that beautiful design, but the design process and our relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance. 

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Whether a project is to be completed immediately or is to be completed gradually over time, we work with our clients to develop an approach that takes into consideration their time frame and budgetary requirements.

Design Services

Our clients have a range of design needs. You may simply need a different set of eyes, our opinion on a purchase or paint color, or just need a designer’s touch to add some flair. Or you might be a busy professional who wants to outsource design tasks to a service provider you can trust to do the job to your specifications and handle ALL of the details. Our expertise is tailored to meet the varied and unique needs of our clients. To meet these varied client needs, Spectacular-Spaces Designs offers affordable design services for a wide range of projects:

To view a sampling of our work please visit our Gallery pages.

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Ellen Fador in Winchester, MA on Houzz
”I have loved working with Ellen on the many decorating and design projects that I have had as I downsized from a large house to a condo that she helped me renovate to suit my family’s needs. We redesigned the kitchen and master bathroom, picking out cabinets and fixtures, as well as decorating the main areas, and the results have been fantastic. I just love walking around my home and seeing beauty everywhere! Her style is very responsive and flexible, listening to what my tastes were and offering a variety of suggestions, but not imposing a set view upon us. She also was very open to my doing whatever amount of my own research work that I cared to do, but available to do the aspects of the redesign that needed her expert abilities. She coordinated well with my contractor and was very organized and reliable. She also has reliable professional contacts in all areas of home renovation with whom she has worked in previous projects. In addition, she has been (and continues to be) a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend her as a delight and an outstanding interior designer.”
— Laurie DiLorenzo

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