Home Staging - Consultation, Prep Work, Showcasing

The professionals at Spectacular-Spaces employ a multi-phased, collaborative approach to a staging project. Our process is as follows: Staging Consultation, Prep Work and Plan Development and Showcasing.

Each phase is independent of the other, can be modified according to the client's needs and can be taken on at the client's schedule or preference.

Throughout every step of the entire process Spectacular-Spaces remains focused on the ultimate objective - to sell the property as quickly as possible for the highest price.

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Staging Consultation - Our Staging Consultation begins with a visit to the property. We assess both the interior and exterior of the property as if we are the prospective buyer. We carefully examine each individual element of the property, then assess the sum of these factors to determine how best to proceed with the staging process. From this evaluation we produce a detailed assessment of the project property, citing both the positive and negative characteristics.

At the conclusion of the Staging Consultation the client is given a Personalized Staging Plan. This comprehensive report details exactly what needs to be done to prepare your property for the market, so it achieves a fast sale at maximum value. It details items to remove; suggests updates and repairs; recommends arrangement of furnishings; suggests paint and wall colors; suggests decorative items and accessories to purchase; and recommends landscaping and curb appeal solutions. You will also receive an extensive list of vetted, preferred vendors and contractors from “Ellen’s List” that you can refer to for assistance  throughout the entire moving process. The Staging Plan provides you with flexible, affordable - and easily achievable - staging solutions. We work closely with your real estate agent who also receives a copy of the Staging Plan, enabling all parties to have easy and direct access to the information enclosed in the report should any questions arise.

Prep Work, Plan Development and Project Management - In this phase of the Staging Process the client refers to the Staging Plan received at the conclusion of the Staging Consultation. The Staging Plan details the necessary steps that need to be taken to prepare your property for the market. Most often, these are simple items that you, the homeowner, can take care of yourself.

If the you prefer, the Spectacular-Spaces design professionals can manage the entire project and supervise any contractors, movers or manage any other aspect of the project for a modest service fee.

Showcasing - In this phase of the Staging Process we set up and arrange the furniture, accessories and artwork in the home so that it's unique and most appealing architectural and selling features are emphasized. Living spaces are enhanced by improving and highlighting the flow, function and feel of each room. Furnishings are placed strategically to create a feeling of spaciousness, to draw a buyer's interest and to generate universal appeal. It is in this phase of the Staging Process that the dramatic transformation of your home is most apparent. This is when the house gains a new energy, a new vibrancy that makes it really come alive for prospective buyers. The result is more buyer appeal and a quick sale!

If necessary, Spectacular-Spaces can supplement the homeowner's furnishings to achieve the desired effect. If the property is vacant we can furnish the entire house to bring the property to life for prospective buyers. We maintain a large inventory of rental furnishings, accessories and other items for these purposes.

Please enjoy this video of a good example of the staging process.

We will also manage any changes needed for the exterior of the property, so the grounds are also shown in the best possible light.

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