Vacant and Model Home Staging

Vacant homes can be very difficult to sell. A lack of warmth in an empty home makes it difficult for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there.

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Real Estate statistics bear out this point, showing that vacant homes take longer to sell than houses that are furnished. While the reasons for this affect are varied and complex, one main reason is that empty houses make sellers look desperate. This gives buyers the psychological advantage and a stronger negotiating position. It's why most often, buyers generally don't pay full price for an empty house.

Empty rooms are also uninviting and appear smaller than they actually are. Without furniture, it is difficult for the average buyer to visualize how a room can look or imagine living in the space. It is helpful for prospective buyers to see furnished rooms; this helps them to gain perspective and imagine living there. The addition of furnishings makes empty rooms appear much more spacious and enables buyers to connect with the space.

When we stage vacant properties, our objective is to furnish each room so that the positive selling features and the function, flow and feel of each room is highlighted and obvious to prospective buyers. This brings to mind a warm and inviting setting and helps to give buyers a more accurate impression of room size and different lay-out possibilities. The intent is to generate buyer appeal by creating the best visual experience possible; enabling prospective buyers to connect emotionally with the home and visualize living there. We "set the stage" for a sale.

We have an extensive inventory of quality furnishings and accessories available for monthly rental that will fill the empty space, creating the desired effect; bringing the property to life.

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